How to cook leek and potato soup – recipe


One associated with the greatest soups, each for the humble substances and innately soothing characteristics, leek plus potato preferences as cozy and acquainted as placing on the well-loved woolly jumper. It is a formula to create the the particular majority associated with some associated with the couple of homegrown veggies available on earnings time of year – normally, in hotter weather a person are capable to relax it plus call this up vichyssoise, but correct now that will feels a good extremely lengthy way away.

Prep five minCook one hr thirty-five minServes four

1 or even 2 big baking taters, or 375g floury potatoes2 large tbsp butter450g cut leeks (ie, about 3 or more medium ones)1 litre lighting chicken or even vegetable share, or waterSalt and pepper4 tbsp soured cream, in order to serve4 tbsp chopped chives, to function

Ideally, work with a floury, not really really the waxy spud variety along with this formula: these provide the soups a somewhat gluey uniformity, though when you have only brand new potatoes handy, be cautious not in order to over-puree all of them in action 7. Maris piper, desiree, rooster or even king edwards are great bets. In case you’re making use of multiple taters, rather compared to big cooking ones, create sure they are all approximately the exact same size.

Cooking the taters can give your own soup the more earnest potato taste. Heat the particular oven in order to 200C (180C fan)/390F/gas five. Prick the particular potatoes a lot of times along with a skewer, to avoid them overflowing within the particular oven, after that put all of them on the lightly greased baking holder and cook for regarding 75 a few minutes, until prepared through.

Keep the taters to great slightly. In the mean time, wash the particular leeks nicely, being cautious to eliminate any kind of grit hiding involving the levels, trim away the hard woody bases, after that roughly cut – utilize the entire leek, save for that toughest best green simply leaves on every stalk, that will you may discard.

Dissolve the butter in the large saucepan over the pretty gentle high temperature, then smolder the leeks, in addition to a touch of sodium, until they are soft plus silky, mixing regularly therefore they do not begin in order to go via the skillet. Scoop away a couple of spoonfuls regarding a decoration, and established aside.

As soon as they’re great enough in order to handle, cut the taters into approximately evenly size cubes, pores and skin and almost all, adding all of them to the particular pan using the leeks. Saute the 2 together regarding a few of mins, until the particular potatoes are usually coated along with butter; include a small extra body fat when the particular mix appears on the particular dry part.

Add the particular stock or even water – I enjoy chicken share, because it is deliciously salty yet a lot more neutral compared to most veggie stocks, which usually may end up being aggressively herbaceous. But make use of whichever a person like, or even even typical water – though in the event that so you will have in order to season this well soon after.

Bring the particular liquid in order to just beneath a steam, then switch the warmth down plus simmer softly for around 10 a few minutes. Leave this to awesome slightly, move to a few blender (or use the stick blender), blitz easy, then come back to the particular pan (if necessary).

Slim the soups with the splash associated with water or even milk in the event that you choose it a lot more liquid, after that taste plus adjust the particular seasoning. Mix in the particular reserved leeks, reheat plus divide in between bowls. Best using a spoonful of soured cream plus a scattering of sliced chives.

This particular soup is definitely simple in order to turn vegan: replace the particular butter along with oil since well since the soured cream along with a vegan alternative, or perhaps a splash associated with extra-virgin olive or hazelnut oil. In order to show this in to a a lot more substantial meal, top along with cooked crumbled bacon, grated cheese (something like lancashire or cheshire would become good) or even toasted, approximately chopped hazelnuts.

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